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You always think, its not going to happen to me. People’s houses catch fire on the news. That’s not me. But it only takes one spark. Then its a whole different ball game. We play that game, what one possession would you save. No one ever takes out the flammable liquids they store in their garage. We all have the half-used can of paint thinner or extra gallon of gas. Those are just left to act as an accelerant to destroy everything you know.

Please don’t wait until it’s too late to save your home or, even worse, your loved one. Buy one of our Eagle Liquid Storage Cabinets. Whether you only have paint or other flammable liquids, four or 60 gallons worth, we have the container you’ll wish you had after. These cabinets are leak-proof, built using 18-gauge steel, and support 350 pounds on each shelf.

While prices vary, the safety of your loved ones shouldn’t.

This entry was posted on Thursday, January 12th, 2012 at 6:10 pm

​ Staring at a Computer Does More Damage Than You Think… Get a TaskMate!

Everyone knows that staring at a computer for hours can cause serious eyesight damage. Studies conducted by virtually everyone show that. However, did you ever think there could be serious back damage caused by sitting and staring at the computer? Especially if that’s what you do for a living. So, wouldn’t it make sense to [...]

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​ Extreme Standing & Kneeling Mats

With the fall in the economy, I’ve had to begin a new career where I don’t get to sit at a desk all day. I’m constantly on my feet or kneeling. The first month of being at this job, I came home so tired every night that I went to bed at 8. [...]

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​ Winter Wonderland

Winter is here! Ok, officially its not for another 20 days or so, but in my family Thanksgiving was always the turning point, and its cold out. So, I repeat, winter is here! For some parts of the country, the unending blanket of white has begun spreading over all. Others of [...]

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​ Ah…

There’s nothing like a deep breath of fresh air. Those of us who are in the business of renovating houses, know how important this is. With all the chemicals and dust, this is often complicated to achieve. That is why my crew and I always bring a Predator 1200 to every site. [...]

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​ The Ice Princess

During an exceptionally cold day last winter, I was heading out of my apartment to scrape the ice off my car so I could drive to work. I have to go down 3 flights of stairs outside when I leave my apartment. Since we had had freezing rain the night before, I knew [...]

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1 2 3 4 Get Your Toolbox On The Floor

Ah, the red toolbox. A staple in American society. Every little boy dreams of growing up, owning a home with a garage, and having his own red toolbox to do his honey-do list on weekends with. And, as is always the way with men, the bigger, the better! The more tools [...]

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The Thanksgiving Fall

Every year the Saturday after Thanksgiving, my family and I decorate our house with Christmas lights. Last year, I was walking across what my family and I refer to as, “The Hill” and my foot caught.There’s that moment when you trip, the slow motion moment, where you know what is happening. You are [...]

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The Most Interesting Man In The World

1. He can use a solar powered calculator at night2. He can dig a hole to the moon3. He can answer a missed call4. Judge Judy lets him finish his sentences5. He leaves messages BEFORE the beep6. There are seven wonders of the world, and he is four of them7. He outcooks Gordon Ramsey with [...]

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VitaventureducttapeAre your clothes tired, run-down, listless?Do they pop out at parties?Are they unpoopular?The answer to all your problems are on this website! Venture – Waterproof Cloth Duct Tape – 1556! Venture Waterproof Cloth Duct Tape contains polyethylene coated cotton, natural rubber pressure sensitive adhesive system, and 24 rolls.So, why don’t you join the thousands [...]

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