About Us


Who Are You Guys?
 - Doesn't that make you think Arnold Schwarznegger: "Who is your Daddy, and what does he do"

Founded by Carl and Shannon Jones on September 2, 1999 First Place Supply started as a simple supplier of electrical and insulation materials. It wasn't long before requests started to come in for other industrial supplies. Throughout the years we have established our base of suppliers but are never afraid to take on a challenge when someone asks for something that's not on our shelf or in our database. For the last several years we've grown upwards of 200% per year (yes.. even in the down economy), which we attribute to amazing customers, and the ability to be flexible as the times change. Our latest initiative has been to evaluate all or our processes, and see how we can improve them with further utilization of technology.

What Do You Do?

We sell stuff! And lot's of it. We're a distributor of industrial supplies, from ear plugs that cost pennies to tools that cost as much as a car. We've got you covered!

How Do You Do It? -If we told you that, we might have to ...

But seriously.. we've been building relationships with major suppliers the last ten years, and through lots of trial and error, we think we've got a good recipe for getting the supplies you need delivered on time. (Throw some hard work into the mix, and voila!)

How Can You Help Me You Ask?

Straight TalkQuick Responses, and Results is what we're all about. Time is money, and we know if we don't take our customers seriously, someone else will.



We strive to be the best in the industry .. -- Yada Yada Yada..

We bet you've heard that before! It's called boiler-plate, and it's just not our style. Every company says that because they think it's what the customer wants to hear. We'd rather prove it to you.

Who Might Benefit From Buying From Us? 

Government - This is what we've spent the last 10 years focusing on!

*HUBZone Certified and Woman Owned

*We accept ARRA funds

*Registered with D&B and the CCR

University's - Need to pay with a PO? Give us a call to setup your account.

Contractors, Businesses, Individuals - Everyone's busy trying to get their job done. Save time by delegating the work to us! That's right email us your BOM, and we'll quote everything we can, even if it's not listed on our site!

Looking for the cheapest price? We're probably not. We're definitely competitive, but we believe much more in you get what you pay for. We've spent the last 10 years building relationships with our customers, and have found that they come back knowing that we'll do everything in our power to get the job done right. If it takes late nights, weekends, and working holidays to get it right, that's what we do.

Why sell online? - It's what the cool kids do...

Remember a few paragraphs back when we said our latest initiative was utilization of technology to streamline processes... Well taking all your orders via the telephone and email, isn't the quickest, nor necessarily easiest for the customer. We've purchased millions of dollars worth of goods online, and in the process we've had some amazing experiences, and some experiences we'd rather not think about. Our goal is to use those experiences to build an online store worth coming back to.

Satisfaction - That's what you want...

We've designed the business, order processing, and this website, so that you remember us for that amazing experience, and not the one you'd rather forget! We want everyone to have an experience they'll tell their friends about. If you are ever not satisfied with your experience, the owners want to hear about it. Either fill out this form and one of the owners will call you, or feel free to call (1-866-523-7168) in and ask to speak with one of the owners. We take what we do seriously, and can only improve the process with lessons learned. The bottom line is, we are in it for the long run, and will do what it takes so that you want to stick with us for the long run :)

Thank You for your continued support,

Carl and Shannon Jones