Fiberlock Advanced Peroxide Cleaner - Mold Stain Remover (2.5 Gal): 8314

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49.00 LBS
  • Fiberlock Advanced Peroxide Cleaner - Mold Stain Remover (2.5 Gal): 8314


Advanced Peroxide Cleaner is the most advanced cleaner available for the restoration and remediation professional

  • Advanced Peroxide Cleaner is formulated specifically for use on mold remediation and water damage restoration projects
  • Advanced Peroxide Cleaner aggressively removes stains caused by mold and mildew on porous, semi-porous, and non-porous materials
  • Utilizing a proprietary combination of cutting-edge surfactants and advanced hydrogen peroxide, Fiberlock’s Advanced Peroxide Cleaner produces results that, up until this
    point, have not been attainable in a contractor friendly formula
  • When applied, Advanced Peroxide Cleaner penetrates deep into the substrate
  • The hydrogen peroxide react instantly with stained surfaces through an oxidation process that produces a high foaming action that lifts soil and debris to the surface
  • The oxidation process continues for some time after application and results in the brightening of the substrate within 24 hours
  • Advanced Peroxide Cleaner does not leave any chemical residues
  • After the oxidation process is complete Advanced Peroxide Cleaner simply breaks down to water and oxygen

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Part Number 8314
Weight 49.0000
Brand Name Fiberlock Technologies Inc
Min. Selling Qty 1
Std. Pkg. UOM Each
Item Height 15.00
Item Width 9.00
Item Length 14.00
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