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Fixed windows are designed to be used on most marine vessels or commercial vehicles as they are robust built to any size or shape to bring light into your cabin or to provide visual exposure. They have a 1/8″ thick heavy duty anodized aluminum frame for strength and to prevent corrosion. These can be custom made to fit any size opening with radius or mitered corners and they are available in a variety of colors to suit your needs.   Our extrusion has a built in drain system which is angled out to allow water to stay on the exterior. They can hold glass thickness’ from 1/4″ to 3/8″ in either Laminated or Tempered glass. Standard vessels use 1/4″ laminated or safety glass as they will stay in tact if broken. Commercial or work vessels use a thicker glass and may call for tempered for the extra strength.  These windows are sealed and guaranteed not to leak.


  • 1/8″ thick and 1.25″ wide Anodized Aluminum extrusion
  • Custom made to fit any opening
  • 2.5″ or 3″ Radius or Mitered corners
  • Clamp-in style frame or surface mount for easy installation
  • Custom wall trim from 1/16″-2.5″
  • Clear Anodized Aluminum or powder coated with a variety of colors
  • Laminated or Tempered glass
  • Choices of glass tint
  • A variety of colours to choose from
  • Guaranteed leak free
  • Can be sealed for extreme weather conditions
  • Tested ISO 12216 for extreme weather conditions


  • 2.5” RADIUS
  • 3” RADIUS
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