Fiberlock A-B-C FiberSpray - White: 6410

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0.50 LBS
  • Fiberlock A-B-C FiberSpray - White: 6410


  • ABC Fiberspray provides the same trusted formula that is found in ABC Asbestos Binding Compound in a convenient airless spray can
  • The advanced airless spray can technology allows for the product to be applied from any angle without disrupting friable asbestos fibers
  • ABC FiberSpray is a convenient means for applying Fiberlock Technologies’ proven ABC Asbestos Binding Compound asbestos encapsulant
  • ABC FiberSpray dispenses encapsulant from a unique 8 ounce airless spray can
  • This CFC-free airless spray technology minimizes asbestos fiber release, and permits application of encapsulant in any position, even upside down (ideal for use inside glovebags)
  • The ABC encapsulant inside each can of ABC Fiberspray was found to meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) test requirements performed at Battelle Laboratories Under Government Contract# 68-03-2552-T2005
  • Encapsulation of small, hard-to-access areas can be accomplished quickly and easily, without the need for bulky spray equipment!
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Brief Description A-B-C FiberSpray - White: 6410
Part Number 6410
Weight 0.5000
Brand Name Fiberlock Technologies Inc
Min. Selling Qty 12
Std. Pkg. UOM Case
Std. Pkg. Qty 12
Package 12EA/CS
Capacity 8 oz.
EPA Requirements #68-03-2552-T2005
Fire Rating ASTM E84 Class A
Flame Spread 10
Fuel Contribution 10
Smoke Density 5
Test Facility Southwest Research Institute
Solids by Weight ± 2% 51.4%
Solids by Volume ± 2% 44.0%
Viscosity at 70° F 60-75 Kreb Units
Specular Gloss 82° ± 5 @ 60°
Flash Point Non-combustible
Weight Per Gallon ±0.5 lbs. 9.6 lbs/gal
Shelf Life 36 Months Min. (Original Sealed Container)
Calculated VOC 64 Grams/liter
Individual Can Coverage 35-40 ft2/can
Drying Time @ 70-77° F 50% R.H To Touch: 1-2 hours To Recoat: 12-24 Hours
Min. Application Temp. 50° F
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